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graphic design | ilustration 

Širdis apsalo.

Date 2022.

Širdis apsalo - hand crafted vegan brand which serves a variety of desserts - macarons, cakes, artisanal aged cheeses and combucha as well. 

Work : rebranding, graphic design, photography. 


Date : 2021-2022

Sensa - craft cosmetics brand, created with ecological ingredients.

Work : continuous branding and product photography.

Le Cafe de Paris.

Date 2022.

Le Cafe de Paris Lithuanian coffee brand.

Work : re-creating logo. 


Date : 2022

Lygiai is Lithuanian humanitarian aid organisation to the support the victims of the war in Ukraine. 

Work : re-making logo, creating stickers for humanitarian aid cars.

Inspired by Amelia's art.

Date : 2022.

Amelia is a six year old girl (my daughter actually) that keeps bringing new drawings. 

I decided to put some into motion and to give her back.

Business cards.

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